1 hour

Boris Nikitin
Versuch über das Sterben (Attempt on Dying)

Взаимная откровенность отца и сына в исповеди швейцарского режиссера-документалиста

December 1 at 22:00 — live broadcast of the digital version of the performance on the website live.netfest.ru/nikitin .

One year after the death of his father, author and theater director Boris Nikitin begins to write the story of his ALS disease. The disease had made short work: it took only a year from diagnosis to death. Very early on, the father opened the idea of considering assisted suicide, which is a legal way of dying in Switzerland. It’s a statement that changes everything.

In «Attempt at Dying» Nikitin combines the story of this outing with the story of his own coming-out as a gay man 20 years ago and develops a radical theatrical evening about what it means to take the step into the public eye, making oneself attackable and vulnerable.

For over 12 years, Nikitin’s theater works have been concerned with the representation and staging of identity and reality. Nikitin’s works are raw, frontal and direct, always precisely composed and staged, always searching for the limits and fractures of the aesthetic.

In «Attempt at Dying», the director takes the stage himself for the first time.

This performance can be seen in two formats: with a live performer onstage and in its digital adaptation, available free-of-charge on the festival website

Boris Nikitin/It’s The Real Thing Studios (Switzerland)

Written, directed and performed by:

Boris Nikitin


Annett Hardegen, Adolfina Fuck

Production manager:

Annett Hardegen


Kaserne Basel

With the support of the Dance & Theater Committee of the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.