Музей-Мастерская Дмитрия Налбандяна (Тверская ул. 8/2)

Театр Взаимных Действий
Холодная война (Cold War)

An exhibit-cum-performance studying the phenomenon of the Cold War

This performance exhibit studies the phenomenon of the Cold War, which spread around the world from the mid-1940s to the late 1980s. The project’s creators expose points of similarity between this historical period and the present day, studying the phenomenon of the «past in the present.» Propaganda mixes with the everyday and documentary facts blur into mockumentary, forming an aesthetic characteristic of the Theater of Mutual Operations: an artistic blend of factual material and objects of fantastical and «alternative» history.

The production takes place in the Dmitry Nalbandyan Museum-Studio, a People’s Artist of the USSR and a bard of official Soviet mythology, whose creative flourishing coincides directly with the Cold WarThe space itself becomes an actor, on the same level as object theater, movement (choreographed by Tatyana Gordeeva) and sound (designed by Alexey Nadzharov), which performs the story of the time period through which it, too, had to live.

The Theater of Mutual Operations is an open alliance between artists Lyosha Lobanov, Ksenia Peretrukhina, Shifra Kazhdan and producer Alexandra Mun. The Theater’s works are distinguished by their visual nature and the absence of an authoritative director figure.

Theater of Mutual Operations (Russia)

Creative team:

Daria Vorokhobko, Tatiana Gordeeva, Shifra Kazhdan, Mikhail Kolchin, Lesha Lobanov, Alexandra Moon, Alexey Najarov, Evgeny Pankratov, Elena Perelman, Ksenia Peretrukhina


Moscow City Government, Moscow Department of Culture, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the Dmitry Nalbandyan Museum-Studio, Theater of Mutual Operations, NET Festival

This performance exhibit was created by the Theater of Mutual Operations, together with the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the NET Festival and the Dmitry Nalbandyan Museum-Studio

The exhibition-performance was carried out with the support of grants "New Theater" of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (2021) and "Open Stage" of the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow (2021)